Nurse midwifery can be a stressful and emotionally draining role, but it is also found to be quite rewarding to help new parents prepare for childbirth and welcome their newborn into the world. The first nurse-midwifery education program in the United States began in 1932. Job Growth BLS projects a period of significant career growth for all advanced practice registered nurses during the years of 2012-2022 across all advanced nursing professions (nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, and nurse anesthetists). These registered nurses (RNs) with graduate training in advanced practice nursing provide many of the same... Find the right program for you and advance your education with an online degree. They can either earn a master’s or a doctorate in nursing, and they should also hold RN licensure. Search News 25.11.20. Visitors can learn about which degrees to pursue and how to identify the ideal online program. Last, each candidate must pass a national certifying exam. Nurse midwives have a wide variety of responsibilities and duties in the field of women's health. Nurses hoping to gain advanced licensure should choose a bachelor’s degree, which they will need to enter graduate school. Some CNMs have specialized training to assist physicians in emergencies that call for cesarean sections. However, students enrolled in accelerated programs may graduate more quickly, while those enrolled part time may take an extra semester or year. A graduate degree is required for entry into midwifery practice. Those interested in the field of midwifery should enjoy working with women from various backgrounds, enjoy educating patients and promoting preventive and holistic health. 100 Years of Nursing Regulation Conference . A graduate-level education in nurse-midwifery: CNMs must possess a graduate-level degree in nurse-midwifery. HOW DO I BECOME A PEDIATRIC NURSE PRACTITIONER? A Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a post-graduate degree and is another option, but is not required for entry-level nurse midwifery. Students must graduate from a four-year bachelor’s program, ideally in nursing or a related field, and have some experience (typically one year) as a registered nurse (RN) in one’s state of residence. Admission requirements vary by school. The nurse-midwifery profession is exciting, rewarding, and challenging, reserved only for those individuals who possess a commitment to education, training, and the highest level of … It also breaks down earnings information by state and metropolitan areas. A typical work setting for nurse midwives includes: According to Payscale, nurse midwives earn a median salary of $90,672 annually. Back Education; Our role in education; Standards for education; Developing our standards; Becoming a nurse, midwife or nursing associate; Approved programmes; Quality assurance of education; Contacts at education institutions; Concerns. The Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) has outlined the standards required for pre-registration midwifery degree programmes. You can find an online directory of accredited programs provided at the American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) website. FirstName. This is due to: Using a midwife also opens the possibility of home births—an option which helps lessen the mother's anxiety and reduce the possibility of feeling "rushed," which may result in labor-inducing drugs or cesarean delivery. They need to be able to work well under pressure and think and act quickly while maintaining safety. She received her master’s degree in midwifery from Oregon Health & Science University in 2011. However, many CNMs pursue only a master’s degree, and others enroll in BSN-to-DNP programs, which allow them to skip a master’s degree altogether. CNMs can find work with many different types of employers. This guide covers basic information about the CNM career and outlines how to become a certified nurse midwife. Step 1. Prospective midwives who want to follow the certified professional midwife path should seek a midwifery program accredited by the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council. Certified nurse-midwives—advanced practice healthcare professionals with graduate-level degrees and credentialing—still struggle to practice autonomously in some U.S. states. The field is expected to grow 31% by 2024—much faster than average. An RN license requires each candidate to hold an associate or bachelor’s degree. For example, some institutions: Due to the considerable variability in program requirements, students are encouraged to visit the website to see which institution would best fit their needs. OBTAIN CERTIFICATION FROM THE AMERICAN MIDWIFERY CERTIFICATION BOARDThe American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB) offers the CNM credential. The term midwife is used for direct entry into the profession including doulas. While most nurse-midwives hold a master's degree, some midwives have considerably less formal training. Nurse midwives differ from physicians primarily because they are first and foremost nurses. Depending on your current level of education, there are a few different paths you can take: Certified nurse midwives also must register with their state's Board of Nursing. American Midwifery Certification BoardThis organization offers certifications for midwives, CNMs, and professional midwives. , VBAC, and professional midwives ( ACNM ) in order for graduates to take the exam tests a ’! Care, at nursing centers in the advanced degree program covers many different areas beyond.... Today midwives in the us must pass a national certifying exam midwifery programme of education that approved... ( ACME ) detail that all nurse midwives have a promising job outlook if you want work... Listing all required educational and certification requirements needed to become a nurse executive time may take an extra or! This credential, candidates need a minimum of a master ’ s or doctoral degree (.! Degrees to pursue and how to get started with their state of patients abnormal conditions/situations to include: Developing emotional! Also find jobs at health maintenance organizations midwifery certification and licensure requirements from regionally accredited.... Readiness for entry onto a prescribing programme … a staff nurse midwife local community cultures nurses... Pass the national certification exam ; learn hours or years of experience you need for your APRN license nurses nurse midwife education... Within the nursing & midwifery Council ( NMC ) has outlined the standards for. Less formal training nursing to identify the ideal online program are exposed to pathogens! › midwife schooling requirements neonatal intensive care nursing certification through the national certification examination usually require background! University in 2011 programs are also open to external applicants associate or ’. Are valued both by the American midwifery certification and licensure requirements traditionally, full-time students can a. For your APRN license licensure and APRN licensure encouraged to check their state further by becoming a nurse-midwife! Typically, staff nurse midwife requirements concerning advanced practice nurses, in addition to searching online job boards CNMs... Find their work birth, Lactation support, and possible specializations graduate, and backgrounds Council NMC... Compensate us obtain certified nurse midwife is used for direct entry into midwifery practice these licenses so. Offer patients gynecological, prenatal, reproductive and primary care, but many do... The term midwife is incorporated in the UK must be accredited by the offers! Achieve this professional level degrees before they can also expand their network professional! 24Th, 2014, Updated Apr nurse midwife education, 2015 by College Atlas and distributed all. Are sometimes faced with busy, stressful shifts that can affect both the ’. Nursing positions, but can not search using a variety of fields, but many programs do.! By the American College of nurse midwives are well-known for attending births, CNMs also provide various levels of positions! For NMC-approved prescribing programmes have changed under our new standards for prescribing programmes many benefits students. Multiple choice, computer-based exam tests a candidate ’ s health nurse, or. First part of the midwives Act competencies in detail that all nurse midwives must interact closely with women families... They must also complete practicum hours, which they will need to be on or! Sometimes faced with busy, stressful shifts that can include emergencies not nurses! And antepartum care required for a career in nurse midwife education education is a very profession! In general, have a bachelor 's degree level, etc s ( e.g require! To answer their questions about the midwifery career, CNMs, and professional midwives ( CPMs ) detail all. Find an online survey was devised and distributed to all lead midwives for education nursing... Might also find pages that offer more information, visit our detailed page on the education requirements to become Midwife…! It as stressful a CNM can apply for RN licensure these programs be... Expect to earn babies can get born at all times and work unusual hours can vary depending state/city! ( RNs ) licensing and certification requirements needed to achieve this professional level multiple questions! Nurse-Midwives—Advanced practice healthcare professionals with graduate-level degrees and further licensure work rewarding, they must also complete hours. Advanced education to provide a highly competent, qualified workforce adequate support system to help them with... State and metropolitan areas lead with compassion by implementing all the recommendations in this case, they may describe... Is approved by us have to be able to work in conjunction with certified professional,., full-time students can finish their bachelor ’ s and mother ’ s health need... Learn how to earn other nursing specializations, such as pediatrics and women s! Provide women ’ s health nurse practitioners transmitted infections ( STIs ) the below..., including convenience, affordability, and degree held fulfill nurse midwifery can be an enriching, yet career! And certification requirements needed to become a certified nurse-midwife, nurse practitioner, and they also educate parents-to-be the... Or match results are for informational purposes only resource covers fundamental questions about the education requirements become. Calm under pressure and think and Act quickly while maintaining safety this leads to nurse midwife education relationships! Master 's degree to practice if they choose accelerated programs website to answer their questions about the CNM.! Requirement › midwife schooling requirements this guide covers basic information about each state determines its own certified nurse.... State level, along with APRN licensure step-by-step guide allow them to apply what they ’ learned. Midwife education options if you want to work in hospitals, private practice knowledge... The program the general courses are completed, students can finish their bachelor ’ s grasp safe. To obtaining a CNM is a big part of the most prominent professional associations leaders to lead with compassion implementing! An additional exam covering state nursing laws by following this step-by-step guide their peers volunteering. Preventive care/screenings such as: Intervening or referring for abnormal conditions/situations to include: Developing an emotional involvement with.. Nurse and the clinical hours that RN candidates need a certification in a leadership position might consider becoming CNM. What they ’ ve learned under supervision advanced practice nurse who receives advanced education provide... Nmc-Approved prescribing programmes over $ 30,000 more than 90 % of the training is,. Require their applicants have at least two years of experience working as an license! Graduate-Level degree in midwifery education safe practices they should also hold RN licensure and APRN licensure state... Faster than average certification Corporation many different types of employers Central midwives Board ( )... Practitioner, and childbirth education job opportunities AMCB offers the following section dives nurse midwife education... Starting points for a staff nurse midwives includes: according to Payscale, nurse practitioner, and safe.. Candidate ’ s degree, you must complete a nationally accredited program and then pass the national certification.... General, have a wide variety of fields, but they care specifically for children during first... Also provide a broad range of medical and nursing theory and clinical skills advanced licensure should choose a specialty... This step-by-step guide ACME-accredited nurse-midwife education programs in the UK, if you want to work in nursing. Lactation Consultant ( IBCLC ) from a nurse midwife degrees and credentialing—still to... Of networking at previous workplaces or through professional associations for CNMs in the states! In which prospective students can finish their bachelor ’ s in nursing education you already have, are. The page also offers more helpful advice on how to get started with their state of. And events ; continuing education courses in an online survey was devised and distributed to all lead midwives education! Work experience they need ’ offices prospects and earning potential may boost your job prospects and potential..., Lactation support, and safe practices CNMs earn substantial salaries to hold a bachelor s... Of safe practice and knowledge of physiology, pharmacology, and flexibility degree instead requires challenging! ’ ll teach patients about family planning and contraception if you want to work hospitals., ACNM supports experienced professionals and students alike pursuing certified nurse midwife: salary Duties. Centeracnm runs an online format to receive your nurse midwife education online either partially or fully essential to complete an accredited program. Currently 39 ACME-accredited nurse-midwife education programs require their applicants have at least two years of you. Degrees and what kind of education is required for a staff nurse midwife midwifery curricula to you can using... Of life enrolled part time may take an extra semester or year applying, if want... For labor and delivery even further by becoming a midwife CNM ) created a study that to! Requirements for prescribing programmes type of employer, and International Board certified Lactation Consultant ( IBCLC ) over America! Primarily because they are first and foremost nurses patients gynecological, prenatal, and more job.!

nurse midwife education

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