Later after the death of Benazeer Bhutto , he was considered to be a candidate for Prime Minister of Pakistan. 0. Ritchie, who identifies herself as a media director and producer, has accused Malik of raping her and Makhdoom Shahabuddin of manhandling her in 2011. Science and technology in Pakistan January 12, 2020. Columnist and Writer He was considered to be "The Left Hand" of PPP Ex Chairman Benazeer Bhutto. By Asim YasinISLAMABAD: An ongoing social media spat between Cynthia D. Ritchie, an American blogger based in Pakistan, and various PPP leaders took a … Makhdoom Shahabuddin. Your right to know Ritchie has been in the news since June 5, 2020 when she accused former Interior Minister and PPP Senator Rehman Malik of raping her back in 2011 when the PPP was in power. Shivers went down my spine when […], With journalism now having reached the epitome of influence through out the masses , global news media can now finally enlighten the world and raise awareness for the SDGs – sustainable development goals. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. SHARES. A journalist serves as a cornerstone of society; trying to risk his life to broach the truth while often having to face perilous situations, which can often lead to a sticky end. He is famous for writing on topics which are considered a taboo in Pakistan. It is utterly appalling and dismal to realize that during these times of this pandemic, […], Amidst the seemingly perpetual lockdown Mother Nature has dragged us in, I could not stop but to contemplate and be appalled when I tried to compare this feeble lockdown with the lockdown people of Jammu and Kashmir have been ensnared in for all these years by the Indian authorities. Makhdoom Shahab-ud-Din wins “Journalist of … لیفٹیننٹ جنرل مخدوم شہاب الدین، کور کمانڈر فیس بک , Slut-shaming the deceased - A new low for Pakistani society. Latest News American journalist accuses former Pakistan PM of sexual harassment, read full details. The court said in the notice that American journalist Cynthia D Richie should appear on June 9 in person or through a legal representative. Th…, Recent incidents of domestic violence have made me contemplate over a very indispensable issue - marital rape…, The forsaken topic of birth control in Pakistan has always been shrouded with enigma and plagued with controv…, If an average Pakistani transgresses into the deep web just for child pornography, he is also deemed to be sw…, @ShahabSpeaks — 20,811 followers, 3,351 tweets. Cynthia D. Ritchie was said to be really close to Makhdoom Shabuddin at the time of the incident. This byline is mine, but I want my name removed. Why Is The Illogical Two-Finger Virginity Test Still Being Used In Pakistan. Makhdoom Shahabuddin. Recent incidents of domestic violence have made me contemplate over a very indispensable issue – marital rape. Cynthia Ritchie, who has been living in Pakistan … Marital rape: a non-criminalized crime May 16, 2019. Understanding the Hazara genocide May 16, 2019. Columns; Tags . Hell is a place of sinners but […], The Government of Pakistan’s goodwill gesture of offering Sikh devotees an opportunity to worship at the Kartarpur Gurdwara without having to obtain a Pakistani Visa has caused a wave of joy to sweep across the Sikh community worldwide. If emailing, my ideal email length is 2–3 sentences and it is ok to follow-up on emails. EX-PAK PM GILANI DENIES . I prefer pitches via email in the evening (between 5pm and 10pm). I do respond if I'm not going to cover the story you pitch me. According to a UNICEF report in 2013, around 21 per cent of the girls in Pakistan were married before the age of consent, which is 18 years, and with the […], Relations between India and Pakistan have always been at an ebb due to a plethora of historical and political events. Former Pakistan Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said it was a disgrace to respond to the allegation of sexual assault leveled by … Lead Stories Share Tweet. It was in May this year that Cynthia Ritchie made news when she accused Pakistan's Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto of condoning rape. Hell might still feel a bit better than what is happening over there in Kashmir. 0. Not being a critic of their work and being a critic of their personal life is […], It is rather woeful to realize that despite all the luxuries in our households, we still feel devastated by this isolation, but there is a community that has been isolated ever since the genesis of Pakistan – the transgender community. Cynthia D Ritchie has also accused former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and former health minister Makhdoom Shahabuddin of physically manhandling her inside President’s House in Islamabad. 8.6K likes. Alarming situation of child marriages in Pakistan. 16. When Indians Gathered To Offer Tribute To A Pakistani. on May 29, 2020. Makhdoom Shahab-ud-Din wins “Journalist of the Year 2019″ Award December 14, 2019. 3h The AJK President @Masood__Khan while rejecting the impression of withdrawal of support by Saudi Arabia to Pakistan’s stand on the Kashmir issue has said that Saudi Arabia form the platforms of OIC and its Kashmir Contact Group, has always supported Pakistan’s stance. Journalism in Pakistan is not a piece of cake! The lady also accused two other PPP leaders, Yousuf Raza Gilani (former PM) and Makhdoom Shahabuddin (former health minister), of ‘manhandling’ her during the … The writer is a journalist and social media activist based in Islamabad. Slut-shaming the deceased — A new low for Pakistani society. Makhdoom Shahab-ud-Din wins “Journalist of the Year 2019″ Award Pakistan’s prestigious and most-sought after journalism recognition, the AGAHI Awards, recognized 47 journalists for media excellence and […] 1 0 Read more Makhdoom Shahab Ud Din at May 16, 2019 Categories . He is famous for writing on topics which are considered a taboo in Pakistan. But she didn't," said Ali. Introducing Trends: visualize news in real-time and discover top authors or outlets. She has also accused then Pakistan Health Minister Makhdoom Shahabuddin of physically assaulting her on a different occasion. Asif Ali Zardari was then President of Pakistan. He is currently working as a presenter/anchor at Hum News and writes for Daily Times and Daily Pakistan. He is the senior most person in Peoples Party. But in general elections of 2008, Yousaf Raza Gillani was preferred by new PPP Leader the president Asif Ali Zar… This byline is for a different person with the same name. These SDGs actually form the quintessential nucleus or brainchild behind any ‘standard’ journalism. Now, in honor of the 550th birthday celebrations of Baba Guru Nak, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, […], Home

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