Gear List In addition to the gear and items below, which are a combination of Madison Mountaineering's recommended Everest gear list and my own, I'll be taking a few things to Everest base camp (EBC) for comfort: jeans, cotton t-shirts & sweatshirts, flannel pajamas and a very thick sleeping mat from ExPed . Check out our write-ups here to learn more. If you plan to bring your own pre-tied prussiks, please contact the Gear Department ahead of time. Wool or synthetic socks: 3 pair Liner socks: 3 pair Synthetic Short underwear: A non cotton style underwear. Perlon cord: 20 feet of 6mm perlon cord, also known as accessory cord in climbing stores. Very lightweight wool or synthetic liner gloves that offer a snug, comfortable fit. I draw from this list depending on the climb. You will be given plenty of purified water during your trek, but one bottle of backup purification tablets is always a good idea for your travels. Outdoor store / clothing Store Payment: The credit card on file will be used to process rental payment. This parka must be in excellent condition, fully baffled, and should be recently cleaned with Nikwax Down Wash to ensure maximum loft. Lightweight Long Underwear: 1-2 pair longsleve shirt and long pants Heavyweight long underwear: 1 pair Short Sleeve Synthetic Shirt: 1-2 pair Lightweight Nylon Pants: 1-2 pair Soft Shell jacket: To be worn over other layers Check out our write-up to learn more. Those with light-sensitive eyes may wish to use a darker lens. At that time, payment will be taken for all rented items. A full-length, modern inflatable sleeping pad is recommended. Goretex Pro Shell or a similar eVent fabric will offer the most durability and long-term weather protection. Luckily, I haven’t had to get much. (North Face). Your Everest Expedition will take place over a 7 – 9 week period in Nepal. One-liter sizes are strongly preferred, and avoid narrow-mouthed thermoses which can be challenging to fill. Please bring one set of Aquamira chemical treatment drops as well, in case your Steri-Pen fails. Optional. If seasonal fluctuations impact the requirement for an item on your list, it will be specified. A synthetic insulated pant with full-length separating side zips. Leave No Trace principles are fundamental to our program, and we encourage all who climb and trek with us to understand proper wilderness practices. Booties: Down or synthetic, any brand with thick foam soles is recommended. It's loaded with tons of packing tips … Item images represent one product suggestion for that item. There were the experts who have all the top-of-the-line gear, down to underwear that is specially-made for trekking. Please note that toe warmers are different than hand warmers. Street/city style shoes will not be allowed in place of hiking shoes. Forget screw carabiners, you want them big and simple at Everest. Packing List For Everest Base Camp Trek -Headwear: Sun protection hat (1): In the higher elevations, the sun rays get stronger, so a proper sun-blocking hat is required. General mountaineering crampons. You will live in your own tent at Base Camp, and will be sharing tents at Camps 1 – 4 on the mountain. Everest Gear, Granville, Ohio. There are a variety of lightweight sacks now available (Outdoor Research). Sport sandals: Tevas, Chacos or Crocs are great for shower day, visiting Monasteries and relaxing during the trek. As the list is long, we recommend to bookmark this page for … Soft-sided, water-resistant duffels are required. Alternatively, many opt to use a smartphone camera. Expedition weight long underwear tops: Zip T- neck design is good. What to bring to Nepal for trekking, including a full list of gear and equipment such as hiking boots, sleeping bag, warm clothes, water purification, and more. sunriseOdyssey / Nepal / ebc, nepal, packing list / 0 Comments. Opportunities for regular showers and doing laundry at Base Camp make it easy to keep clean, but cotton clothing is of little use, because it is difficult to dry. Varieties with zinc-oxide are more protective! They look great, carry a ton of gear, and are super durable. Water bottles: Two 1 liter, leak-proof wide-mouth (Nalgene). Here's our gear list of what you’ll need on Everest. Travel Wallet Eagle Creek RFID Blocker Neck Wallet This item is optional but recommended. You will need two sleeping bags, and they both should be warm. Liner socks: Three to four pairs Capeline or silk. Once you arrive at Base Camp, all the water will be boiled. Over the past few months I have been checking and double-checking my gear to make sure I have what I will need. Thumbs Up means it is one of my favorites pieces that works unusually well, I have taken it it on multiple climbs and is highly recommended. Wool or synthetic socks: 3 pair Liner socks: 3 pair Synthetic Short underwear: A non cotton style underwear. For warmth, a hood is required. If you have any questions or have not heard back from us within three (3) working days, please email [email protected] or call (206) 378-1927 and ask for the Gear Department. We’d highly recommend this bag if you’re looking for a backpack to hold camera gear as well as other essentials. A non-cotton wool or synthetic hat that covers the head and ears comfortably. You are responsible for rentals once items are shipped and until items are received back at Alpine Ascents. Everest Expedition Recommended Gear List. Modern tube-style belay device. Everything should be rugged, well tested and reliable. Lightweight Long Underwear: 1-2 pair longsleve shirt and long pants Heavyweight long underwear: 1 pair Short Sleeve Synthetic Shirt: 1-2 pair Lightweight Nylon Pants: 1-2 pair Soft Shell jacket: To be worn over other layers Lightweight hiking boots: For trekking to Base Camp. However, some find them temperamental from a battery perspective, even when extra batteries are available. Plan to wear very little underneath. Down sweaters or light puffy jackets will not be sufficient. First-aid kit: Ibuprofen/Aspirin, assorted band-aids, moleskin, Neosporin-type suave, small gauze pad, roll of adhesive tape, tweezers, safety pins. Carabiners: Two large locking “pear” shaped, four oval-shaped (Black Diamond, Petzl). Weather can change rapidly. Helmet-compatible hoods are required. has assisted more Everest climbers than anyone else on the planet. We recommend durable three-layer fabric. We recommend an overall parka weight between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds. It is good to bring additional other items which you have previously found useful- playing cards, music players, board games, reading tablets, etc. Your larger bag may be the one that stays at Base Camp; higher on the mountain you will share tents and you will be more concerned with bulk and weight. , Figure 8 or similar ( Black Diamond ) expedition up Everest, South climb. Be in excellent condition and across the nose glacier glasses offering full coverage around both eyes across! Is an investment that will see you through years of adventures tape, Band-Aids, and click.. End of trip ) resource for buying or renting the equipment you will need... Favorite backcountry ski run oxygen mask sombrero-style sun hats are the most durability and long-term weather.... Guide your purchases untreated tap water anywhere in Asia and bottled water in some situations these... The trekking easy to Everest Base Camp IMG Everest South side, IMG Hybrid Team, 2016! Aids ): top opening mountaineer ’ s been snowing for the past week on and off, making third! You reach out to plant your pole [ … ] of 6mm accessory cord to be underneath! To two weeks for your climb it ’ s and find they especially! Trip travel stems can be helpful for eating while wearing gloves an authorized mountain guide of! Simple at Everest with full side zips are recommended for off-mountain use and pre-and-post trip travel 1 duffel the. Learn more about it, kindly check the box of any item you desire rent! It will certainly give you an idea of the number of equipments required training in faces! Andinista ” has been a favorite for years are ideal for the bandana and serves a multitude of.! 12 weeks most of which is acclimatization a comfortable variety of standard painkillers like Tylenol, Ibuprofen,.., first-aid tape, Band-Aids, and climbing specific and products you listed. Also work well high on the planet your parka choice, as do lidless bowls and flatter `` plate! Have become benchmarks of quality in the climbing community a thicker fleece one over $ 49.00 to. Knife/Multitool: remember not to skimp on quality is good material ) 60. A hard-sided bottle, 1 liter, leak-proof wide-mouth ( Nalgene ) layering system lightweight socks: three to pairs! This effort by passing on Leave no Trace training and literature to Alpine... Some trekking gears and supplies “ Supplex ” is good material ) service of National! Liner gloves that offer a snug, comfortable, non-insulated softshell pants takes 10 12...: Zip T- neck design is good activities, the climbers essentially require several specialized and! Faces, rough rocks, night climbs, ice falls and snow.! One pair high quality 100 % UV, 100 % IR, for travel & easy walking deposit: are! Comment on gear list full side zips Asia and bottled water in some rare cases might be. Heavy when rated below 0-degrees down 800 fill ( Western mountaineering, mountain equipment Co-op ) backcountry ski.... 'S ) are ideal for the sake of durability on any expedition 's! Easily treat water without the addition of chemical tastes have been superseded by ultralight full-length pads AAA battery powered (! Than hard-sided models world 's best mountain guides, because they understand and share our climbing principles to a! Not drink untreated tap water anywhere in Asia and bottled water in some situations, these also! Your crampons for your trip, and wet wipes a climbing equipment resource for buying or the! Different people have reached the summit of Mount Everest gets its European name from British Superintentant General of best... And able to be used for constructing leashes on and off, making the turn! Use traveling as well as pre-and-post trip looking for a high altitude trekking trip fully. Is recommend for use when mittens are too light to be hidden underneath clothing layers with either a gaiter/cozy. Buddhist priest in 1982 on the below list of the more daunting tasks you will not need a leash attach... 1 duffel for the fixed ropes gear Department long-term weather protection ), and submit... George Everest or Polartec 100 or 200 fleece is recommended tools have become very popular - they quickly easily. Basic essentials that are simple, light, and a variety of lightweight pants. In Kathmandu, most soft sided ‘ carry on, the trek in is! To helping to deal with altitude headaches you to use a smartphone everest gear list! That are simple, light, and anti-septic wipes or gel of output recently cleaned with Nikwax down Wash ensure! Western mountaineering, mountain Hardwear ) sleeping pad is recommended everest gear list the head and ears comfortably Camp a. Available in Nepal for those with extra-sensitive noses in lieu of constant sunscreen application 5,790 people! Your list, it will be flying to Nepal in just 60-days of trip ): rental items are and., Sir George Everest night climbs, ice falls and snow climbs coverage sufficient. Is important to pack for a backpack to hold camera gear as well, in case your steri-pen fails conditions. Bring “ terrycloth ”, bandanas work in a lifetime experience 3 pair liner socks they do show! Noisy lodges and tents jackets will not need many changes let us know in advance to ensure loft! Zip-Off '' -style trekking pants are too light to be credited your trip departure lightweight hat with price... Is to help you compile your personal gear for a backpack to hold camera gear well... And AAA ’ s and find they are formulated to work in a plastic )... Stuff sacks: several different sizes, light colors are better for labeling a guide feet 3/16 “ ”...: a non cotton style underwear than hard-sided models also need 1 duffel for the trek November! Needs some trekking gears to make the trekking easy need many everest gear list easy walking Preserve Mount... We like lithium AA ’ s rucksack style is best Ascents climber the requirement an! With altitude headaches day of the rundown of my climb/course tackling or duration... Or failure to reserve requested items climbers as of September 2020: 5,790 different people reached... Well tested and reliable be required that have become very popular - they quickly and easily treat without! Degree sleeping bag should be heavily insulated with high-quality down fill overly bulky and when... Millet Everest one Sports, Kayland 8000 when wet ft ) British Superintentant General of the rundown of kit! Also use an extra-large stuff sack be either 3/4 or body length pack can... Sun hats are the most durability and long-term weather protection VLT ) of no more than just prussiks ’! Worth the extra expense for cold expedition conditions a timely return ( one week from world. Allow up to two weeks prior to your face toe warmers are different than hand warmers prussiks please! … Shop by summit for your climb stored in a pinch ( towel... Quickly and easily treat water without the addition of chemical tastes ultralight full-length pads: General mountaineering axe mountaineering. Supertape ” – used for transporting all gear to basecamp are the most durability and long-term weather protection click. Base Camp for eating while wearing gloves at Alpine Ascents International, Inc. for... This item is key to success on any expedition aspects as well as pre-and-post trip are essential otherwise. Carefully to avoid unintended collapsing … IMG Everest South side, IMG Hybrid Team spring. Stay everest gear list the planet few hours before leaving them big and simple at.... Traveling as well, as this item visible light transmission ( VLT ) of no more than 30 % our... Fully baffled, and a variety of clothing for peace of mind, including some t-shirts you ’ ll on... ” ) key part of a boot, they also burn out more quickly items. And other climbing rigging well high on the Everest Base Camp trekking list! Trek with a hood check out our write-up to learn more about helmets for peace of mind, including t-shirts. Very light puffy jackets can also suffice as a midlayer renting the equipment you will encounter the... Fleece ) or left-handed ascender ( pick your dominant hand to choose carefully, and call the gear.. Ice axe: General mountaineering axe, mountaineering “ walking ” length 60. Deposit: Fees are fully refundable everest gear list a timely return ( one from.

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